Helping casual Enneagrammers become more confident users of the Enneagram system

Arriving at your true type does not mark the end of the quest –  actually it’s where the real wonder begins

  • Seeds and Fruits

    This site was born long before it actually materialized.

    It has always struck me how everyone takes in reality through a chosen set of blinders. How we tend to get on with some people better than others. We naturally relate to and identify with certain types of people while we develop unconscious bias against other types. Why is that? And why are we,  in certain situations, our own worst enemy?

  • The Enneagram

    What the Enneagram reveals is not who you are but how you operate. How your brain is wired and how this wiring runs and controls the autopilot system within you. What is more, the Enneagram helps to understand the wiring diagram in the head of others – and this knowledge can be a real life saver.

  • The Gardener

    Fruits of Now is managed by Andrea Hajdu, a devoted mindfulness practitioner and Certified Enneagram Instructor in the Spectrum Method (a training program accredited by IEA, the International Enneagram Association). Having studied meditation for a couple of years, she’s been actively involved in Insight (Vipassana) Meditation. She has been trained in MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and has completed the mindfulness training offered by Insight Meditation Center, Redwood, CA.

     „What led me to Enneagram was my deep appreciation for mindful living. What led me to mindful living was yoga which I have been practicing since 2003.

    I’ve experienced the awesome benefits of mindfulness long before I began studying it. The moment-by-moment awareness of my bodily sensations, feelings, thoughts (what is happening inside) and my surroundings (outside) has helped me a lot to better engage with myself, interact with others and learn how to tackle life’s challenges with grace and awareness. Through subtle transformations mindfulness has changed the way I perceive the world within and around me. 

    Then, something miraculous happened – I got introduced to the Enneagram.

    All along I was searching, and when I finally bumped into this system a whole new world began to unlock itself. All of a sudden, the pieces of the puzzle began to make sense.”

    This site is a passion project rooted in the belief that diversity should be celebrated.

Certified Enneagram Instructor – Enneagram Spectrum

International Enneagram Association, USA