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Enneagram – help in parenting

Why are some kids easier to figure out while others give us a lot of headaches? How can I discover my kid’s strengths and get them come to terms with their blind spots, in a compassionate way? What lurks behind my kid’s actions and where can I find a user’s manual to manage stressful situations?

The Fight or Flight Response

In case we perceive serious danger, a whole range of physiological actions are instantly triggered in our body. While all of these changes are happening for good reasons, they can be really harmful to our health if the stressors stay with us for long and we lack a successful coping strategy.

The Enneagram – what it means to me

When I finally sorted out what type I am, it made me feel really uncomfortable and embarrassed. The Enneagram described me in the most accurate and profound way to myself – and this struck me real hard.