What is it that drives you? How can your personality turn against you?


We all have an idealized self-image – this is what our ego ultimately strives for. This is what we want to have confirmed and reinforced by others, over and over again. If our attempts fail, we usually get frustrated. Note that this program is running in us usually unconsciously. The Enneagram System identifies different kinds of personality types – each has their own kind of ego and thus their own Ego Ideal. Find out what these ultimate desires are and see what happens if the auto-pilot, unconsciouos program gets out of control.

What are the Ego Ideals and how do they shape our behavior and actions?

In what ways are Ego Ideals limiting our perception of reality?

What basic needs drive the various Enneagram Types?

Ideals are supposed to be guiding us – so then how can they become an obstacle to our growth?

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