Do you feel that none of the Enneagram types fits you? You cannot see yourself in any of the boxes?

Have you ever heard about subtypes and countertypes? Those who have a hard time typing themselves correctly very often end up being a countertype.

But what are countertypes?

Finally arrive at your true type!!!

We all get stuck in certain conditioned reactions when we tend to repeat some automatic patterns over and over again. Interestingly, these are much easier to spot in others than in ourself. What are these patterns in each types? In what ways are CounterTypes’ reactions different?

Each Enneagram type has a Passion, which is the root of our ego neurosis. It grows out of our Basic Fear and Basic Desire. What does  it mean to ’go with’ and ’go against’ your Passion?

We all have instinctual needs. How do we give energy to these needs while neglecting others? How does this influence our focus of attention?

What are ’Instinctual Variants’ and what are their impact on the archetypes? Why is it easier to guess one’s dominant instinct than their type?

What is the most obvious CounterType across the globe even for those unfamiliar with the Enneagram system?

Find out about all these PLUS get a comprehensive description of all CounterTypes. Learn how they relate to the other numbers in their Triad. Narrow down your options and finally arrive at your true type.


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