Quick fix in times of stress

Deadlines approaching? Feeling under pressure to perform at your best? Try this three minute stress buster for a quick relaxation to disengage from worrisome thoughts and concerns.

Whenever you feel that there is just too much burden on your shoulders waking up to the present moment can be life-saving.

A mindful moment makes it easier for you to re-discover your focus in whatever you are doing. Plus your immune system will be grateful for the pause as it switches your nervous system out of flight-or-fight mode into a relaxed state of awareness.

Five senses drill

#1. Put aside whatever you are doing right now, and pause for a moment.

#2. Take two or three deep breaths to hook your attention to what is happening here and now.

#3. Take a look around and name (silently to yourself) three objects in your immediate vicinity.

#4. Then, tuning in to your surrounding environment try identifying sounds. Silently notice and name three different sounds you can hear right now.

#5. Then, bringing your attention to your bodily experiences, register what is in there. Silently name three sensations you can feel in your body right now. Any tingling, pain, hunger, tension anywhere? Whatever you feel is ok.

#6. Now direct your attention to any smell and/or taste. Notice any smell like taking in the breeze while standing near the ocean. Feel any after-taste in your mouth?

#7. To round up the exercise take one or two deep breaths again.

+Bonus: Stay with the intimacy of this precious moment if you can to help you remember the good feeling generated by this simple exercise.

PAUSE is believed to be THE most precious tool in the mindfulness toolbox: it will allow you to build resilience to deal with stressful situations and general pressure. Resort to this valuable tool as often as possible.