Feels like you end up in the same situation, over and over again?


Same challenges, same kind of people, same dead-ends?


Want to know what really drives you – and others?


We are not alike – your personality may well be driven by values and fears completely different from mine. Your ego structure may differ from mine because we do not have the same character type.

Discover your particular type and see what drives your ego. Also, find out what ideals others chase – run by their particular ego structure.

Learn about the nine different EGO IDEALS – as seen in the Enneagram typology system.



What are the Ego Ideals and how do they shape our behavior and actions?

In what ways are Ego Ideals limiting our perception of reality?

What basic needs drive the various Enneagram Types?

Ideals are supposed to be guiding us – so then how can they become an obstacle to our growth?

Learn about Ego Ideals in more detail. See how they shape our thinking pattern and actions, and what happens if they turn against us. Request the Free List by filling in the form.

The ENNEAGRAM is a brilliant tool, a typology system which helps us see our deeply hidden motivations – like a secret treasure map which displays the very coordinates to our heart, body and mind.

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