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The Fight or Flight Response

In case we perceive serious danger, a whole range of physiological actions are instantly triggered in our body. While all of these changes are happening for good reasons, they can be really harmful to our health if the stressors stay with us for long and we lack a successful coping strategy.

Routine – a source of excellence OR absent-mindedness?

Routine activities are supposed to make our life easy but there are times when they work against us. A routine action is like a coin: it has two sides. It can be your friend or foe.

Meditation – how to do it? Why do it?

Five common excuses why people choose not to meditate and five strong reasons why you should give meditation a try anyway.

The frozen moment

Have you ever felt the irresistible urge to push the PAUSE button on God’s time machine to be able to freeze time and step into a particular moment? What an extraordinary experience it would be, wouldn’t it? This simple mindfulness exercise allows you just that.

5 warning signs that you lack mindfulness at work

This rapidly-changing, turbulent world and its technology-driven work culture has accelerated all aspects of our lives. We are surrounded by fast-paced, clever work gadgets that infiltrate our personal time. Most of us have a love affair with their electronic leashes and the internet and are becoming more and more socially isolated. Despite all these challenges is there a way to still stay connected to the present moment?

Mind-chatter – what can you do about it?

Endless stream of restless self-talk or inner dialogue. Is it ok to have a constant commentary in my head?