The Nine Types – in a nutshell

Type EIGHT – The Challenger

FOCUS OF ATTENTION: injustice, reject being controlled by others, and getting things moving

AT THEIR BEST: strong, determined, courageous, fair, truthful, protective of others

AT THEIR WORST: angry, excessive, dominating, fearful of vulnerability

TYPICAL TYPE EIGHT ROLES: Leader, Boss, Challenger, Fighter, Rebel, Maverick, Protector

Key issues for Type EIGHT:

Control and dominance: Take charge of situations and step into leadership roles. Assert control over their environment. Believe that they are the master of their faith. Often have great entrepreneurial spirit.

Defiance, rebellion and confrontation: Demonstrate strength to gain respect in life. Go for what they want without thinking. Rather than being receptive they seek to impact the world.

Avoidance of vulnerability: Afraid of being emotionally hurt. Deny and obliterate feelings easily and just move on. Divert their attention away from own fears of being hurt. Forget to be sensitive or tender toward others and themselves.

Lust and intensity: Live intensely and feel lusty for things and experiences. Like to get into competition and take risks in search of a sense of aliveness.

BASIC FEAR: of losing control, being controlled by others, of being harmed

BASIC DESIRE AND THEIR DISTORTION: Desire to protect oneself (deteriorates into constant fighting).

LOST CHILDHOOD MESSAGE: „You will not be betrayed”

HOW TYPE EIGHT MANIPULATES OTHERS: By dominating others, by insisting that others do as they say.

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