The Nine Types – in a nutshell

Type NINE – The PeaceMaker

FOCUS OF ATTENTION: maintaining the ‘status quo’, tuning in to other’s agendas

AT THEIR BEST: non-confrontational, friendly, other-focused and inclusive of feelings and facts, excellent mediator, caring, supportive, adaptive, non-judgmental

AT THEIR WORST: overly conciliatory, indecisive, scattered, stubborn, ambivalent, self-forgetful, indecisive, conflict-avoidant

TYPICAL TYPE NINE ROLES: Mediator, Peacemaker, Harmonizer, Utopian, Healer, Pacifist, Nobody Special, Comforter.

Key issues for Type NINE:

Making peace and harmony: Avoiding conflicts, appreciate peace and motivated to create harmony. Inclusive and amiable people. Able to tune in to others’ agendas and understand their point of view.

Self-forgetting: Get distracted or sidetracked from real personal priorities. Fail to set priorities. Go along with the agenda of others instead of theirs. Use narcotization to avoid conflicts, manage frustration and maintain self-image of being in harmony.

Blending in: Go with the flow rather than ‘rock the boat’. Behave overly accommodating in fear of getting in potential conflicts.

Suppressed anger: Find it hard to defend or speak up for themselves properly or take action at the right time in order to further their own interests. Fail to say ’no’ but can get resentful afterwards for agreeing to something they did not really want. Feel powerless.

Numbing out: Tend to withdraw to a private space in their mind to avoid intrusion from the world. Get lost in daydreaming, repetitive activities can keep them sedated. May appear as if they had fallen in trance forgetting about their environment. Find it hard to take action.

BASIC FEAR: of losing connection, of getting fragmented

BASIC DESIRE AND THEIR DISTORTION: Desire to have peace and harmony (deteriorates into neglectfulness).

LOST CHILDHOOD MESSAGE: „Your presence matters”

HOW TYPE NINE MANIPULATES OTHERS: By ’checking out’, by resisting others passive-aggressively.

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