The Nine Types – in a nutshell

Type SEVEN – The Enthusiast

FOCUS OF ATTENTION: multiple options, having fun, chasing adventures,  idealized future plans

AT THEIR BEST: playful, imaginative, energetic, optimistic, quick-thinking, adventurous

AT THEIR WORST: dispersed, uncommitted, impatient, unrealistic, self-absorbed

TYPICAL TYPE SEVEN ROLES: Multi-Tasker, Energizer, Entertainer, Epicure, Generalist, Connoisseur, Enthusiast, Fun-Loving

Key issues for Type SEVEN:

Gluttony and thirst for adventure: Seek pleasure and have an insatiable appetite for new experiences. Believe life is a great adventure. Radiate optimism and energy. Avoid boredom and reject limits.

Hyperactivity and ’on the go’: See multiple options, find it hard to prioritize and have difficulty with commitment. Fear of missing out on life. Like to keep all possibilities open. Believe they must stay upbeat all the time.

Avoiding pain: Reject moving into painful feelings and commitments. Avoid unpleasant experiences altogether. Feel uncomfortable about negative emotions.

Self-Centeredness and impatience: Quickly shift topics and are often indifferent to others’ views. Hungry for constant stimulation and gratification. Are exuberant and idea-oriented always searching for the next enjoyable option.

BASIC FEAR: of being trapped in pain, of missing out on life

BASIC DESIRE AND THEIR DISTORTION: Desire to be happy and joyful (deteriorates into escapism and hedonism).

LOST CHILDHOOD MESSAGE: „You will be taken care of”

HOW TYPE SEVEN MANIPULATEs OTHERS: By distracting others, by insisting that others meet their demands.

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