The Nine Types – in a nutshell

Type THREE – The Achiever

FOCUS OF ATTENTION: goals, success, duties and recognition for accomplishments

AT THEIR BEST: hardworking, goal-oriented, efficient, energetic, practical, confident, optimistic, playful, adaptable, direct.

AT THEIR WORST: overly competitive, impatient, superficial, vain, narcissistic, pretentious, deceptive, self-absorbed and dishonest, fast-paced, overriding of others’ views.

TYPICAL TYPE THREE ROLES: Charmer, Professional, Efficiency-Expert, Role-Model, Status-Seeker, Motivator

Key issues for Type THREE:

Competition and pragmatism: Highly motivated by efficiency and success. Avoid and fear defeat. Desire to win and perform well. Usually highly competent in their field of expertise. Have a task-driven ego.

Image consciousness: Tend to identify themselves with a particular image they associate with success. Long for positive feedback and admiration by their environment. Reluctant to accept criticism.

Fear of intimacy: Reject to show their vulnerability. Afraid that deep inside they are less than the image they project to the world.

Impressing others and showing off: Want to be acknowledged for their achievements. Strong motivation to impress their environment.

BASIC FEAR: Fear of being worthless, unsuccessful or without value.

BASIC DESIRE AND THEIR DISTORTION: Desire to be successful and valuable (deteriorates into chasing after success).

LOST CHILDHOOD MESSAGE: „You are loved for yourself”

HOW TYPE THREE MANIPULATE OTHERS: By charming others, by adopting whatever image will work.

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