The Nine Types – in a nutshell

Type FOUR – The Individualist

FOCUS OF ATTENTION: being authentic and special;  focus on what is missing

AT THEIR BEST: creative, intuitive, compassionate, warm, supportive, expressive, empathetic, playful, passionate

AT THEIR WORST: temperamental, self-conscious, stubborn, moody, self-absorbed, guilt-ridden, moralistic, emotionally needy, overly critical, jealous, withdrawn

TYPICAL TYPE FOUR ROLES: Melancholic, Aristocrat, Bohemian,  Tragic Victim, Unique, Artist, Special One

Key issues for Type FOUR:

Need to stand out: Consider authenticity and meaningful experiences important. Disdain the ordinary and mundane. Want to feel special or ’one-of-a-kind’.

Envy and negative comparison: Focus on what is unattainable, missing or distant. Idealize what others have but Fours do not. Experience melancholy or a sense of longing. Demanding and often unsatisfied with what they have.

Emotional sensitivity: Can be moody, dramatic or self-absorbed. Feel separated from others due to a deep sense of abandonment. Get upset easily. Feel misunderstood. Dislike being overly rational. Need some time alone.

Creativity and identity: Capable of creating beauty out of emotional depth or empathy. Appreciate creativity and idealism. Enjoy spending time with imagining scenes and conversations that have not necessarily happened. Have a good taste. Rely on their imagination to intensify emotions.

BASIC FEAR: of being insignificant or being without identity.

BASIC DESIRE AND THEIR DISTORTION: Desire to be unique and special (deteriorates into self-indulgence).

LOST CHILDHOOD MESSAGE: „You are seen for who you are”

HOW TYPE FOUR MANIPULATE OTHERS: By being temperamental, by making others ’walk on eggshells’ around them.

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