Adding e-mails from Fruits of to your ’Safe Sender’ list

Even if you have signed up for them specifically, newsletters and e-mails may end up in your SPAM FOLDER by accident. What you can do to avoid this from happening is instructing your e-mail service program to ’whitelist’ a certain Sender – which is telling them to handle that particular Sender as safe. There are various ways to do that, depending on which e-mail service (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo) you use.

Whitelisting in Gmail:

  1. Should you find an email from Fruits of Now ( landed accidentaly in your Gmail SPAM FOLDER, select it and click on the ’Not Spam’ button.
  2. In your SPAM FOLDER, search for any emails sent by Fruits of Now by searching for in:spam Then, check the box at the upper left to select ALL found items. Then, hit the „Move to Inbox” botton (to the left of the Labels button) to unmark these items as spam, and move them over to your inbox.
  3. After that, click on ’Settings’ (the gear at the top right corner), select ’Filters and Blocked Addresses’.
  4. Go all the way down and look for the sign ’Create a New Filter’. Click on it.
  5. In the ’Form’ field type in:
  6. Click on the ’Create Filter’ link.
  7. Put a check mark next to ’Never Send It to Spam’.
  8. Also, check the box next to ’Also Apply Filter to XYZ Matching Conversations’ (that is the number of emails which Gmail has found in your inbox that match this filter)
  9. Click on the ’Create Filter’ button.